Laser cork engraving and cuting.


Cork is made of the outer bark of the cork oak tree. It has a fine, closed cell structure and low density and provides good insulation for heat and sound. It is also non absorbent to liquids, dust or dirt.

Typical applications

Art & sculpture, Jewelry, signage, model making, light construction work, furniture and cabinet making, retail display.

Appearance and grainline

As a natural material, please be aware the tone and grain line can vary from sheet to sheet. Thinner sheets can also be prone to warping.

Laser cutting

As a natural material burn marks are caused during the cutting process that are minimized using the following standardized cutting methods.

Top Surface

Compressed air (usually 4 bar of pressure) is used to prevent flaming, scorching and charring on the top surface. In some cases a subtle discolouration can occur around the surrounding area of the cut line (paticularly on thicker plywoods.) These can be easily sanded off with a fine grit wet and dry paper.

Laser tails

Very small flares can occur on the surface where the laser fires at the beginning of the path of a vector line / shape.

Bottom surface

On bottom surface burn marks may appear when the laser meets the laser bed. Heat from the laser causes residues on the laser bed to transfer back onto the material.

Cut widths & Kerf

The average cutting kerf for this material is +/- 0.1mm (how much the laser takes away). As a benchmark, we recommend that minimum cut widths be no smaller than the corresponding thickness of the material. See more on min cut widths.

Cut edge

Cork sheet cuts with a dark black edge which produces a lot of black dusty residues.

Raster & Vector engraving

Our standardised setting for engraving cork is a shallow surface marking. Cork engraves with a dark black finish which can produce some slight dusty marks.

Deeper engraving

If you would like to engrave deeper than our standard settings, you will need to specify this in your job request. Deeper engraving produces more black dusty marks that can dirty the cork surface more.

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