Our professional 3D printing services are transforming your ideas into reality


Product design

Our team can turn your idea into a digital design that is ready for printing in a matter of hours. We can create models that are completely tailored to your wishes concerning size, shape and look. You can choose from various colors and materials, to get excatly what you envisioned.


Product testing

3D printing makes it possible to quickly test your idea, by creating a model or a prototype that will turn your concept into a product. If it doesn’t look right the first time, don’t worry. We will do as many iterations as needed for you to get the product that you want.

Low-cost solution 3D printing technology is environmentally friendly and cost-efficient. We can reduce production time and waste by printing models multiple times, using only the materials that are needed.

FFF / fast and affordable
Build volume
200 × 200 × 200 mm
Layer resolution
from 0.3mm to 0.1mm
SLA / precise and professional
Build volume
145 × 145 × 175 mm
Layer resolution
from 0.1mm to 0.025mm
Photopolymer Resin
Colors and Materials

Our specialty is printing with PLA, ABS and PLA mixtures like wood, bronze, copper, and brass with various finishes to choose.

3D modelling

Do you have a idea? But dont know how to create 3D model? We can help you with creation of a 3d model.

3D food printing


You send your files

Create your 3D model in any CAD software and send it to us. If you don’t know how to do it, let us do it for you.

Get it right

Together we will define materials and finishes needed. Based on this you’ll receive our quotation.

We 3D print it

We use first-rate 3D printers to create your prototypes. If it doesn’t look right the first time, don’t worry, we will do it again and again until you’re satisfied with the result.


We can't wait to see your designs

1.Send us your design

Ideally, we need 3D models in STL or STEP with an indication of scale. If you don’t know how to do it, drop us a message, and we will do it for you.

2. Your application

Give us an idea of what you are making, is it an ‘appearance’ project or a prototype. It helps us to suggest the best material choice and therefore give a more accurate quotation.

3. Materials & quality

Let us know what your color and material preference are. Do you have any surface quality request? If you don’t know, we can recommend a solution.

4. Needed quantity

We need to know the number of prototypes you wish to have. Costs vary depending on the volume of order, so it’s important to convey this information.